Client Reviews

Essential Healthcare Staffing

Caroline has been a godsend for our business. We hired Caroline to create a strategy for our online presence, as well as some assistance with website maintenance. She came up with ways for us to connect with our clients and to conduct market research using free social media tools. Not only did she approach the project with heart, she provided us with organizational recommendations to help the operation run smoothly. When we hired Caroline, we thought we needed someone to help with minor website maintenance, and we discovered that we needed much more than that. Our previous developer did not leave us with a functional product, and we were never able to get in touch with them for maintenance. Caroline uncovered the major problems with the theme and overall functionality. Miraculously she fixed our mess of a site into a functional, beautifully designed one. Throughout the process, she educated us on the technical things with which we were not familiar. She also assisted us with interviewing developers for a future proprietary complex job board. It was a tough project, and she kept the team focused on the goals. Caroline is smart, organized and very knowledgeable about the inner-workings of online media and design. Would recommend her for anyone needing help with the technical and creative aspects of their online marketing strategy and website development.

– Angela Davis

Recruiter & Project Manager, Essential Healthcare Staffing

Positive Parenthood

Caroline transformed my business. She took a rather messy website & marketing plan and made them top-notch. Caroline noticed multiple user/access challenges on my site, that were seriously impeding my advertising. She easily took my vision and transformed it into a very professional website & a marketing plan with actual teeth. Her work with me meant that my conversion rates skyrocketed. Caroline is gifted at understanding what makes a business work, what the road blocks are, and how to build tech solutions and virtual environments that are productive and fluid. I was very impressed with her capacity to anticipate what I needed and what I would want ahead of me actually articulating or even knowing what I wanted. She is easy to work with and an insightful thought partner.

– Chelsey Hauge Zavaleta, Ph.D.

Executive Director & Certified Positive Parenthood Coach

Element Five

Badass – if you looked that word up in the dictionary, I suspect you might find Caroline’s picture next to it. She is as tenacious, as she is capable, while still remaining humble and curious. A conceptual learner, she has an uncanny ability to take her skills and adapt them to countless situations and applications and is a natural at making things work – even when most would give up. I first encountered her as a client while consulting with PleasePrepMe and HIVE and now have worked with her as a contractor on multiple projects for my agency – and she always comes through with above and beyond effort and results. I cannot recommend her enough!

– Dean Bardouka

CEO/Managing Partner, Element Five

Vote Positive USA

It was a pleasure working with Caroline on our new website. She was quick and flexible. She created the new website (a hosted site) with a user-friendly, highly customizable theme that gives us the ability to easily update existing pages and add new ones ourselves without needing to use HTML or CSS. The back and forth on the set-up and edits was very smooth, and she was always willing to jump on a Zoom call to hammer out any details, answer questions, and show me how to update the new website and do what I needed to do. She has also made herself available even after it was launched to answer any questions I had or explain any functionalities. She was also reasonably priced. If you are looking to build a new website or redesign an existing one, I would definitely recommend her!

– Jennie Smith-Camejo

Communications Director, Positive Women’s Network USA

Life Coach Laurie


Caroline is one-of-a-kind. Her attention to detail is amazing and she won’t settle for less than magnificent. Her knowledge of web and branding design, as well as writing fiery copy, is top-notch. She’s always available—-I felt very cared-for working with her and I felt she was just as invested in making my brand, site, and copy a huge success as much as I was! Just when I thought working with her couldn’t get better, she’d come with another idea, another innovation or something even more creative! Her knowledge and her passion is off the charts! She’s dedicated, committed, and she will relentlessly fight to make your brand stand out. You will be happy you chose her as your partner in your website, branding, and copy creation. I sure am.

– Laurie A. Santos

Owner & Founder, Life Coach Laurie


Caroline Watson is a problem solver. She approaches challenges as opportunities and is willing to dig in to find solutions that are equitable. You can count on Caroline to seek and reflect on feedback – always mindful of the impact design, information and resources have for the end user. Caroline is independent and a self-starter. When she does not know an answer, she eagerly researches and weighs various sources of information to find the best solution and then implement it. I am very grateful to have worked with Caroline on multiple projects.

– Shannon Weber

Founder & Director, PleasePrEPMe at University of California, San Francisco



What an honor it was to work alongside Caroline for almost four years at HIVE! As Communications Coordinator, Caroline was responsible for HIVE’s suite of online materials, from the website to social media to a quarterly newsletter. She was a self-starter, almost always taught herself how to create or fix something online — she asked for help when needed. As I moved into a program manager role with HIVE, Caroline and I met biweekly to project plan and triage any issues. She was on top of her work, professional and prepared for meetings — particularly with stakeholders. She developed great rapport with folks who reached out to HIVE with questions about sexual/reproductive health and HIV. Caroline brought a social and racial justice lens to everything she/we did. She raised her voice when something didn’t sit right with her. Caroline is solutions-oriented; she won’t stop until something is fixed. She is excellent at receiving feedback, processing, and producing something better. I could go on and on about the bright, strong light that is Caroline. You will learn from her, and she will make you and the people around you better.

– Karishma Oza, MPH

Program Manager, HIVE at UCSF

Language Matters

It is my pleasure to recommend Caroline Watson. I am a recent Ph.D. graduate at the University of South Florida, College of Public Health and had the pleasure of working with Caroline on a few projects. I came to know her when I was her working on a terminology guide surrounding the words we use to describe HIV and AIDS. She was instrumental in supporting me in the project and disseminating it in the community. Caroline is well organized and a joy to work with. We also served together on the CDC’s Elimination of Mother-to-Child [perinatal] HIV Transmission (EMCT) Stakeholders’ Group. This group is coordinated by the François-Xavier Bagnoud Center, which has extensive experience in designing, implementing and evaluating training and technical assistance for healthcare providers and a long-standing commitment to the elimination of perinatal transmission in the United States. Caroline is an amazing person to work with and I highly recommend her.

– Vickie Lynn, PhD, MSW, MPH

Visiting Instructor, University of South Florida



I have had the pleasure of working with Caroline Watson in a consultant capacity and found her work exceptional. Specifically, we hired Caroline to conduct a series of interviews with community members who had experienced homelessness during pregnancy and convert them into scripts to use in a training for medical providers. Our community participants carried with them multiple intersecting marginalized identities and experiences, including experiences of homelessness, substance use, and pregnancy and child rearing. Building rapport and navigating interactions with our participants needed to be handled with respect, openness, and nimbleness.

Caroline took on a casual and friendly air with our participants that put them at ease and made them feel like they were engaged with a peer who “got them.” Throughout the interview process, she validated the experiences of our participants in an empowering manner that both communicated respect and empathy. This helped our participants to open up about difficult experiences. She respected their time and worked to find the mode of communication and means of storytelling that was most comfortable for them. She also firmly honored boundaries of our participants and navigated challenging topics with them deftly. Read more.


– Erin Wingo, MSPH

Program Manager
Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Medicine
University of California, San Francisco